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Turbo Turf announces new HM-400-TE.  This 400 gallon unit combines an affordable price with a design that is ideal for a landscaper and still has the ability to spray the most difficult erosion control materials.

Turbo Turf introduces its new Brine Maker.  This powerful and affordable unit will quickly make salt brine for anti-icing applications at 1/4 the cost of buying brine ready to spray.

Turbo Turf adds the "T" series that features a low priced but powerful paddle agitated machine that will play with the most difficult materials and pump thick slurries through up to 500 feet of hose, even uphill.

  Information Box
No one does more to help the customer.  Turbo Turf owners get free advertising that can generate lots of business, free display ad material,  free master copy of a sales and care brochure and support that is unmatched in the industry.

Turbo Turf for fast mixing and great performance
Turbo Turfs small pull type units are great for golf courses, schools, cemeteries, and more.
Turbo Turfs easy to run medium sized units are great for new lawns and most other projects.
Our mechanically agitated units play with the toughest products & feature the only poly tanks in the industry.
We have changed the industry
When Turbo Turf Hydro Seeding Systems were introduced in 1990 the landscaping and hydroseeding fields were changed forever. High performance units became available at a much lower cost than with the other hydroseeders and hydromulchers that had dominated the market in the past. The new Turbo Turf Systems represented a break through in the way of a simple, powerful, lightweight, trouble free design .  Since that time thousands of Turbo Turf Hydro Seeding Systems have been sold to landscapers, contractors, golf courses, cemeteries, parks departments, schools, and erosion control contractors in the USA and all over the world.
Hydroseeding is the fastest and easiest way to seed
 Hydroseeding is a great way to grow grass. The seed, fertilizer, hydromulch, tackifier and water are all applied in one fast easy step. The use of messy straw is eliminated. Trimming is quick and easy. Problems with difficult to seed areas such as hill sides, and narrow areas between the sidewalk and the curb are a breeze.  With a Turbo Turf Hydro Seeding System. Labor costs are reduced. One man can easy run most Turbo Turf Systems.

Turbo Turf builds the best jet agitated systems on the market in sizes from 50 gallon to 1600 gallon and high performance mechanically agitated units in 500, 750 and 1000 gallon sizes.  Turbo Turf systems can be used to plant most any grass, wild flowers and crown vetch and other ground covers. Any fertilizer can be used, including granular fertilizer. Most any hydro mulch or tackifer. Turbo Turf can even handle products that make a virtual spray on erosion control blanket to help solve the toughest erosion control problems.

We are here to help you.

We have tried to make our site informative and helpful Here you will find a great deal of information about hydroseeding and about how our systems work.

  • Learn about Turbo Turf's powerful systems and how they work. Find extensive specifications and prices and information about  how hydro seeding works, and why it is the fastest growing method of planting grass and other ground covers.  
  • Landscape contractor’s doing residential and commercial seeding represent our number one market. Learn how profitable our systems can be for residential and commercial landscape seeding, how to price your jobs, profit potential, and how we can help in promoting your business.
  • Golf courses love our little units for maintenance and our bigger units for construction We have a special section for golf courses where you can learn all about our hydro seeding systems.
  •  Our pull type hydroseeding units are popular with Cemeteries. They can pull right up alongside a grave and seed it in seconds.  Schools and parks departments love them for their maneuverability and versatility.
  • One of the things that makes us happiest is that nearly every time we run into an owner of one of our machines they all seem to think their systems are wonderful. Check out some of their comments in our customers section.
  • Turbo Turf units are in use world wide. We enjoy helping people solve their seeding problems world wide.   Learn about some of  the projects we have been involved.  Learn more about Turbo Turf hydro seeding systems for erosion control applications too.
  • Our material sources section is the most complete list of local sources of hydro seeding supplies in the world.   
  • Company information. If you want to learn more about us, click up on the top menu bar.
  • We have a free informative 28 minute hydro seeding video, and a hydro seeding info pack that we would be happy to send to you. Click on "Free Video" on the top menu bar.
  • Check out our great prices for hydroseeding mulch, tackifier, liquid limelocking fibers, jet spray, co-polymer, growth stimulant, and other great values in hydro seeding supplies. We have great products, fast shipment, and fair prices.
  • Check out our newly expanded residential hydro seeding section with even more information on pricing jobs, computing job size, renovating and repairing, water and business promotion.

Want a high performance machine Check out four series of mechanically agitated hydro seeding systems.  With the industry's only poly tank equipped units clean up and maintenance simple and fast.  Never worry about rust and our HARV series offers features and performance no one can match.

We display our equipment at  shows all around the country.   If you want more information on our show schedule, Click here. 

Turbo Turf's jet agitated units are a great choice for those doing residential and commercial seeding.  Jet units are very easy for even one man to run, they virtually never clog, and spray a nice thick slurry.  They offer easy clean up and the lowest maintenance of any units on the market.  

To help new owners and those who bought a unit used we have an online video covering the basics of operating a Turbo Turf jet agitated hydroseeding unit.  Follow the link just below to view the video.


For those who do erosion control work and need to work with difficult materials or want the highest performance available Turbo Turfs mechanically agitated units use a positive displacement gear pump that will pump thick slurries of even the most difficult materials through up to 500 feet of hose.  One of the best things about Turbo Turf's mechanical (paddle) agitated units is all units have a poly tank which can never rust.  While others spend their winters sandblasting the inside of their tanks and recoating with stinky special rust resistant coatings Turbo Turf owners can be relaxing on a beach somewhere.    



www.HydroSeedingExperts.com  "The World's Largest List of Hydro Seeding Contractors"  Find an expert for your seeding job!.

www.I-HydroSeeding.com  Want to learn about hydro seeding.  This is the site.  It is an online community for professional hydro seeding contractors and landscapers and for those trying to learn.  We have a great discussion forum with thousands of posts.  This is a hydro seeding site for anyone not just our customers.  Here will have live chat, industry links, extensive technical information about hydro seeding, a great discussion forum, free want ads, a hydro seeding auction, and links to lots of  industry info.  

www.TurfSprayers.com   For the finest in spraying equipment with internet special prices available on some products.

www.StrawBlowers.com   Check out our straw blower line.  Blow up to 2 bales per minute to get jobs done fast.  

www.IceControlSprayers.com  Liquid de-icing equipment is one of the most exciting new technologies in snow removal.  Use your Turbo Turf Hydro Seeding System year round or get one of our anti-icing sprayers from 30 to 1600 gallons.

www.WateringUnits.com  Watering units for construction sites, nurseries, golf courses, asphalt paving contractors and lots more.  We also have bridge deck sprayers.

www.CompostTeaSprayers.com  Sprayers designed from the ground up for applying compost tea.   The industry's best Compost Tea Sprayers from 50 gallon to 300 Gallon.


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