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Turbo Turf announces new HM-400-TE.  This 400 gallon unit combines an affordable price with a design that is ideal for a landscaper and still has the ability to spray the most difficult erosion control materials.

Turbo Turf introduces its new Brine Maker.  This powerful and affordable unit will quickly make salt brine for anti-icing applications at 1/4 the cost of buying brine ready to spray.

Turbo Turf adds the "T" series that features a low priced but powerful paddle agitated machine that will play with the most difficult materials and pump thick slurries through up to 500 feet of hose, even uphill.

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Turbo Turf has a simple yet powerful desing



The popularity of hydro seeding is skyrocketing. Customers notice that you spray it on, and before you know it a beautiful lush lawn is growing.   Landscapers find that their customers love it, and it helps solve many of the problems they face.

There are reasons hydro seeding works so well. The seed is suspended in a nutrient rich slurry. The contact of the seed with the water in machine triggers the germination cycle. The mulch layer seals in the moisture, and holds the soil in place. The seed is at an ideal depth for good results. The conditions are right to produce a lush green lawn in very short time.

Turbo Turf Hydro Seeding systems can greatly lower labor costs. One person can operate a Turbo Turf Hydro Seeding System simultaneously applying hydromulch, seed, fertilizer, tackifier and water. The use of straw is eliminated. Hydro mulch is easier to store and transport  than straw. It does not produce dust during application. It will not blow off, and does not need to be removed. Hydro seeding mulch does not contain weed seed as straw does. It won’t cause a loss of nitrogen as it decomposes as straw does. Hydro seeding has a neat green appearance that is far more attractive than straw. It is easy to understand why hydro seeding is becoming the method of choice of consumers and professionals alike.

Hydro seeding is a one step application. One person can easily hydro seed using a Turbo Turf System.  Mulch, seed and fertilizer are evenly distributed in the sprayed material.  It is fast and easy to do. Irregular areas are a breeze. Hillsides, banks and other areas that can be a problem with other seeding methods are easy to do with a Turbo Turf Hydro Seeding system.  It is an ideal system for landscape contractors and anyone with seeding to do.


Any seed used in lawn or roadside applications can be used in a Turbo Turf Hydro Seeding System. Any grass that can be grown from seed can be planted as well as wildflowers and crown vetch. Seeds used for hydro seeding do not need to be anything special. Many people experience an increase in germination rates with hydro seeding, however, this increase is not enough to suggest using less seed. Seed can be pre-germinated for even faster growth. One easy system is to soak the seed overnight in clear water in a container such as a garbage can.


Any type of fertilizer can be used. Liquid, water soluble or granular fertilizers may all be used with a Turbo Turf system. Granular fertilizer is the most commonly used. The unit does not dissolve the granules. It will suspend them and blend the granules evenly in the mix. The use of lime is not recommended. If the soil ph needs to be changed a liquid lime product such as New Cal is the best choice. Granular or pelletized lime can be used if necessary.


Tackifiers are used to help hold the material in place on hillsides especially during rainy weather. Any tackifier may be used in a Turbo Turf system. The system can also be used to apply tackifer or a tackifier mulch mix over straw to hold it in place.


There are two basic types of mulch. Wood fiber mulch is made from wood by-products. Cellulose fiber mulch is made from recycled news print. We recommend the cellulose mulch. It is less expensive, easier to use and has the same result. Average cost for a bale of cellulose mulch is $ 7.00. Coverage is approximatiely 2000 square feet per bale.  Recently pelletized mulches such as Jet Spray have been introduced.  They are a combination of paper and wood fiber and may be simply poured into the machines greatly reducing loading time.


Many other products can be used in the mix. Some of the more common additives are Co-Polymers that are used when water may be a problem. Co-polymers hold 400 times their weight in water and slowly release it to the new seedlings. Locking Fibers (shown in photo on the  right)  may also be used. Locking fibers are made from crimped polyester. They will disperse through the load, and when sprayed on interlock to form a type of spray-on erosion control blanket. Other products to stimulate growth, or to enhance the color may also be used.


Turbo Turf Hydro Seeding Systems can be easily made into a multipurpose system. Adding a seed and spray option to the units makes it into a turf sprayer that will do a great job of applying chemicals in lawn applications. Addition of the boom to the pull type units allow them to be used as both a hydro seeding system and a lawn sprayer.

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