Turbo Turf began building jet agitated hydroseeders in 1990 and has sold more jet systems than all of our competitors combined.   Turbo Turf's design and performance has been continually improved and are the best jet agitated hydroseeders on the market.    Jet agitated hydroseeding sytems are made in sizes from 50 gallon to 1600 gallons.

Turbo Turf has been building high performance mechanically agitated hydroseeders since 2004.  They are available in 400, 500, 750 and 1000 gallon sizes and in 4 series.  Turbo Turf's paddle agitated hydroseeders offer one big advantage over competitive units.  The long life poly tank speeds clean up, lowers maintenance and eliminates any issues with tank rust which is a major problem with other mechanically agitated units.   Turbo Turf's mechanically agitated hydroseeders will pump a thick slurry of even the most difficult erosion control products.  Turbo Turf's paddles mix a slurry quickly, allow you to add full bales without breaking them up and will outperform competitive systems costing far more.

When Turbo Turf Hydro Seeding Systems were introduced in 1990 the landscaping and hydroseeding fields were changed forever. High performance units became available at a much lower cost than with the other hydroseeders and hydromulchers that had dominated the market in the past. The new Turbo Turf Systems represented a break through in the way of a simple, powerful, lightweight, trouble free design.

Since that time thousands of Turbo Turf Hydro Seeding Systems have been sold to landscapers, contractors, golf courses, cemeteries, parks departments, schools, and erosion control contractors in the USA and all over the world.  Turbo Turf systems can be used to plant most any grass, wild flowers and crown vetch and other ground covers. Any fertilizer can be used, including granular fertilizer. Most any hydro mulch or tackifier. Turbo Turf can even handle products that make a virtual spray on erosion control blanket to help solve the toughest erosion control problems.

50 Gallon HydroSeeding System

HS-50 Turbo Turf 50 gallon Hydroseeder

$ 2,295.00

100 Gallon Pull Type HydroSeeding System

Turbo Turf HS-100-P pull type 100 gallon hydroseeder

$ 3,395.00

300 Gallon HydroSeeding System

HS-300-E8 Turbo Turf 300 gallon hydroseeding system

$ 5,795.00

400 Gallon Mechanically agitated hydroseeder

Turbo Turf HM-400-T Hydroseeder

$ 12,395.00

1000 Gallon mechanically agitated hydroseeder

$ 24,995.00

TM-20-K Straw Blower  Blow 2-3 bales per min with 20 H.P. motor

Turbo Turf's TM-20-K Straw Blower

$ 8,495.00

450 Gallon Brine Maker
Make 450 gallons of brine in 25 minutes

Turbo Turf's BM-450 Brine Maker makes 450 gallons of brine in 25 minutes

$ 4,995.00

Convert your tote to a one lane brine sprayer includes boom and controller.

Convert a tote to an ice control sprayer with Turbo Turf's tote conversion kit

$ 1,690.00

200 Gallon electric ice control sprayer with one lane boom and controller.

$ 2,890.00

725 Gallon Anti-Icing Sprayer with one lane boom & Controller.

Turbo Turf ICS-750 Brine Sprayer

$ 7,085.00



Turbo Turf manufactures easy to use jet agitated hydro seeding systems in sizes from 50 gallons to 1,00 gallons.  Jet agitated hydro seeders quickly mix and spray a thick slurry.  They are easier to use and have lower maintenance than other hydroseeders on the market.  Turbo Turf's small hydro seeding systems are ideal for golf courses, cemeteries, universities, utility companies, municipalities and landscape contractors for smaller jobs.  Turbo Turf's larger hydro seeding units are ideal for landscapers, construction companies, rental stores, and anyone with larger jobs to do.


Turbo Turf manufactures mechanically agitated hydroseeders in sizes from 400 gallons to 1000 gallons.  Turbo Turf's paddle agitated units are unique in that they use a plastic tank which eliminates one of the major maintenance issues with other mechanically agitated units on the market which is tank rust.  Turbo Turf uses a strong metal frame to support the paddles.   Turbo Turf's T and HARV series hydroseeders can spray thick slurries of the toughest materials through long lengths of hoses.  Load full mulch bales without breaking them up.  The hydraulic drive models have a reversible pump and reversible paddles.  Reversing the pump can blow out suction line clogs eliminating the need to disassemble the suction lines.


 Turbo Turf makes one of the most complete lines of  anti-icing sprayers in sizes from 50 gallons to 2000 gallons.   Units are available with a gas engine, hydraulic drive or electric pump.  Turbo Turf also makes three point hitch brine sprayers, tote conversion sprayers, sidewalk sprayers and more.  Our line of brine makers are powerful and affordable.  They will make a load of brine in 25 minutes and self unload.  Bulk or bagged salt can be used.  We can also supply a conversion kit to make many of our jet agitated hydroseeders into a brine sprayer.


Turbo Turf manufactures one of the best small straw blowers on the market.   Turbo Turf's TM-20 will blow 2-3 bales a minute and blow up to 50 feet through a 360 degree cannon or as an option will blow through up to 100 feet of 6" I.D. hose.  Turbo Turf's Straw Blower is nearly maintenance free and uses beater chain to cut the straw into 4" lengths and has a 20" fan made from 1/4 plate steel and which is then dynamically balanced.


Turbo Turf also makes watering units that are an affordable way to water plants, lawns and any other application where water is needed.  They are available in skid and pull type units and in a full range of sizes.