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They say a picture is worth a thousand words so we will start with some photos sent in by our customers.  Please click any of these for a larger view.

The above photos show a lawn seeded in Pt Charlotte Florida.  The machine used was an HY500-HE Hybrid.   The seed used was Bermuda and the time between the photos was 4 weeks.

 I thought of you the other day as we were doing some work above a very
steep hill that we excavated and restored last year. As the attached before
& after photos show, the hydroseeding of this area was very successful with
our HARV unit. The before and after photos are ~ 10 months apart in time.
The mix was: Birdsfoot Trefoil (10lbs/load), Landino Clover(10 lbs/load),
Perennial Rye (15 lbs/load), Crown Vetch (5lbs/load), fertilizer (15 lbs/load),
tack and wood mulch. Feel free to use these photos as you see fit to
publicize your excellent machine.


Earl Danielson, Quaker Engineering Co.

The photos above are seeding job one of our customers did in Stuyvesant NY using a blue grass, fescue and rye grass blend.  Machine used was an HS-100

Here is a lawn seeded in Rhode Island.  The machine used for this lawn was an HS-300-EH.  The grass is a blue grass, fescue and Ryegrass blend.  The follow up photo is at 4 weeks.

Here are some photos from Saudi Arabia.   The machine used was an HM-500-HARV.  The first photo was taken after application, the second at 2 weeks and the third at 5 weeks.

Here is a project completed by Trajan Landscaping in NC.  The following is his discription of the project.  

I wanted to share a little about an interesting project we just completed Monday.  We were awarded a contract to seed a earthen basket wall along the boundary of a mixed use commercial development in N. Raleigh, NC.  The wall stretches for about 3500 linear ft and had an average height of 40-50ft.

Well, first of all I would like to thank Ray for some reassurance and advice he was kind to give before we started the project.

Some of the challenges we faced right off the bat was the fact that the wall builder installed a 6 ft fence along the top of the wall and the contractor constructed a small berm approximately 8-10 ft inside and running parallel to the fence to prevent water runoff over the wall.  The ground got very soft as it approached the fence and forced us to use a larger lift that could stay back on solid ground.  Also vehicle access was very limited to the bottom of the wall.

The equipment we used was a TT 500 HarvE and a Genie 80 ft articulating man lift.  The contractor was kind enough to dedicate one of his water trucks to our efforts which made life so much easier.

We applied Flexterra @ 3500 lbs/acre in a two-step process as recommended by Profile literature and were very pleased that our HarvE could easily mix and spray 200lbs of flex per load through 1.5 inch hose.  The seed was a mix of tall and hard fescues, annual rye, weeping lovegrass, hairy vetch, and durana clover.  We also applied a granular starter fert and Profile’s NeutraLime Dry, BioPrime and Jumpstart.

The seed load and flexterra cap were applied from both above the wall with the lift and from ground level to avoid shadowing.  It took a bit of coordination to keep the truck and lift all moving in synch but we managed pretty well.

As shown in the picture we used a large piece of 6in pvc strapped to the platform on the seeder to run the hose through and then over the fence.  This allowed us to just drive along the crest of the berm and the sprayer would walk the base of the wall or ride the lift spraying.  When we were using the lift we had one person driving it and another spraying.  I would keep the truck moving forward and giving the lift driver directions since he was below the edge of the wall and couldn’t really see to drive.  Anyway, it took us 4.5 days with one day lost to a broken lift.  We are on top of the world about this job and I wanted to share it with everyone.

Kaufman Landscaping of Center Hall, PA uses an HS-500-XPW.  They think hydro seeding is great.  They used to use a Brillion slit seeder.  Their callbacks have dropped significantly since changing to hydro seeding.  They love the way the tackifier works and how well it holds in adverse weather.  The love how easy it is to seed irregular areas and say they would never go back to slit seeding.

West Virginia Weslyan College in Buchanan WV picked an HS-300-E. The conversation with the grounds crew was interesting as they kept coming up with more and more problems they could solve with this unit. Things like their soccer fields that are hard to get on, because they are always in use. Now they can zip on, fix them, and get out.

Ted Weber of Ted’s Landscaping in Chardon, OH called for a demo, telling us he would not be ready to buy for a few months, but since he had a front yard to seed now, it would be a good test. It was raining when we arrived. Ted wanted to go ahead despite the rain. We did the entire yard from the driveway using all the nozzles to avoid marking the yard. In the fall, Ted called, mentioned the yard had turned out beautifully, and ordered an HS-300-E. He also told us that he had needed some hydro seeding done after the demo and had called a local competitor. He helped the competitor seed and was amazed that the unit we had demonstrated performed far better than his competitors much higher priced machine. When Ted told him what we had been able to do with the Turbo Turf System the competitor said “That’s Impossible”. Perhaps Turbo Turf does the impossible. The last time we talked to Ted, he said he had seeded over 200,000 square feet that month, that he loved his machine.

Roselawn Cemetery, Monroe, MI Larry Merkle thought our HS-50 was the greatest thing for a cemetery they ever saw. The family often comes out all the time at first, and with this unit they can go in and immediately have an attractive green color on the grave and have grass growing faster than ever.

John Mento of Mento Landscaping in Braintree MA spent a lot of time deciding to get a hydro seeding system, and which system to buy. Like everyone, John did not want to make a mistake. The first time we talked to John after he purchased an HS-500-E, he said he had made a big mistake. He said he really loves his unit, and it works great. In his first few weeks with it, he had already generated $ 9000.00 in profits, and his big mistake, was in taking so long to make up his mind, and missing out on the profits he could have made.

Ryan Gardner of Gardner & Sons Hydroseeding in Hadley NY has owned an HS-300-XPW for three seasons.  He says the simplicity and overall design of our units is awesome.  He has not had a single clog in the unit in three years.  One time he left material in the tank and hoses for a week in the summer and as he says it, “The sucker just started pumping like it was water”.  We were also pleased with the nice comments he made about us as a company when he said ” Turbo Technologies is the model company to do business with.  They truly care about their clients and the industry.  It is fantastic to have a company to deal with that is old school.”

Oklahoma National Guard, Camp Gruber, OK wanted a unit to maintain their property and repair damage from training exercises. They thought an HS-100 was ideal.

Xquiste Lawns of Poughkeepsie NY had owned a another brand of 300 gallon mechanically agitated unit.  When Andy switched to a 300 Gallon Turbo Turf he said he was amazed that a unit that was half the price was twice as effective.

Congressional Country Club, Bethesda MD.  When your typical players are U. S. Presidents, congressmen and foreign dignitaries, you want a top flight course.   With 18 bunkers to redo before hosting the U. S. Open, Paul Latshaw chose an HS-50-P.  With this powerful but small unit they can go in and seed any area in minutes without relying on anyone else.

Al Whaples of Elm Hill Landscaping purchased an HS-300. He wanted to tell us about his first job.   He used Conwed 70/30 mulch and the unit handled it flawlessly.   He was surprised how easy the machine was to run and felt he became an expert hydro seeder in 5 minutes.  He commented that the machine actually performed better than we told him it would and that it was a pleasure to do business with a company that has their act together.

Bob Jerszyk of Millbury MA felt that if he could get a new customer started with the hydro seeding part of the business, he could keep them for all the other things they needed done.  Since adding his HS-500-E, his business has grown from about $ 1100 per week to about $ 11,000 per week.  He easily paid for his machine in the first few weeks, and says his Turbo Turf  is simple to run.  He has even sent his wife to run it.

David Zaffino of Z & Z construction in Madison Twp, PA has had an HS-500-E for over 10 years.  He loves his machine and usually seeds about 600,000 sq. ft a year.  After more than 10 years he just had to do his first maintenance on his unit.  He had to clean the carburetor.

Oak’s Golf Club in Muscell Shoals, AL had a lot of fairways to re-do and choose an HS-300-E to do it with. When we last talked to John Wagner they had already completed a lot of the fairways and loved their machine. :John said “The unit is really a dandy.”

Dan Mozer of Agri Turf of New Jersey in Yardville NJ is really happy with his HS-300-E. Since he has to primarily fill up on the site from a garden hose he rigged up an auxiliary tank. While he is seeding he lets the garden hose run into the auxiliary tank then uses a 2″ gas powered pump to transfer it to his 300 gallon hydro seeder. He tells us he can seed nearly non stop. He tells us he can seed 2 acres a day and that his little 300 gallon Turbo Turf unit will run circles around an 800 gallon mechanically agitated system.

Resurrection Cemetery of Wyoming MI has sandy soil.  Anton says they had been using sod and the applications were very unsuccessful.  They love their little HS-100-P.  The machine does a big job and their seeding is very successful and it is  1/10th the cost of sod

Dartmouth College of Hanover NH has the only hydro seeding unit in their area. They tell us people have been amazed with what they can do with their HS-300-XPW, and that it works great.

Shawn Parks of Havelock NC recently purchased an HS-500-E. It was the first hydro seeding unit in the area. He tried it out, then showed it to all the home builders in his area. Every home builder told him that from now on he would get all their business. Shawn has instantly generated a big business. He tells us that overall his Turbo Turf System is wonderful.

Thain Anderson of Roy UT purchased an HS-750-XPW. He earned enough in less than a week to completely pay for his system. Hydro seeding is so profitable for him, that he plans to get an HS-500-XPW for his wife to operate.

Kutztown University, Kutztown, PA, chose an HS-150-P with a “Seed & Spray” option. They loved the performance and the versatility. With one machine they have both a sprayer and a hydro seeding system.

Mark Larivere of Rye, NH, chose an HS-500-E to add a new profit center to his business.  Mark loves his unit, particularly the performance and the profitability.   His first day he shot 9 loads.  By noon of that first day, his machine was paid for.  Being able to go out and make $ 5000.00 in a morning made him a very happy guy.

David Cerasaro of National Park Services, in Hyde Park NY, has been using a 1998 Turbo Turf HS-100-P  He says it has outperformed any machine he has operated and he would rate it as “Flawless”.