Most any Turbo Turf hydroseeder can be used for erosion control work.  For decades paper mulch was the choice for erosion control projects and it does work.  If someone is wanting to specialize in erosion control hydroseeding and wants to be able to spray the newer high performance products such as Flexterra and BFM’s then the T series and HARV series are the best choices since they can play with the most difficult products.

Turbo Turf’s T series units are made in sizes from 400 to 1000 gallons and combine paddle agitation and a Bowie gear pump.  The “T” series units are very affordable and priced not much higher than a jet agitated unit.  The “T” series units have a simple belt drive that is reliable and easy to service.  The powerful positive displacement Bowie gear pump is capable of pumping a thick slurry through up to 500 feet of hose.  It can play with any difficult hydroseeding material such as Flexterra or BFM’s.  Full bales can be loaded without needing to break them up and these units are plumbed to be able to fill from a pond or stream (suction hose optional).   The 500, 750 and 1000 gallon sizes come with a front platform and platform gun capable of spraying about 100 feet.

The HARV and HARV-E are also great choices for working with really tough materials.   The HARV and HARV-E feature hydraulic drive for both the pump and the paddles.  Both the pump and paddles can be reversed.   The operating instructions printed on the packages of Flexterra tell you to reverse the paddles as you mix.  Most mechanically agitated units can’t do that.  HARV and HARV-E can.   The package also warns of the problems that can come from a centrifugal pump adding air to the mix.  The HARV & HARV-E units use a positive displacement gear pump that minimizes air being added to the mix.   The HARV & HARV-E are one of the few units on the market that combine reversible paddles and a gear pump and one of the best choices you can make when you need to tackle difficult jobs using difficult materials.

On the right are some photos of a job in North Carolina.  It involved spraying Flextera at 3500 pounds to the acre on a wall that was 3500 linear feet and 40 – 50 feet high on average.  They used an HM-500-HARV-E using 200 pounds of Flextera per load and an 80′ Genie man lift to get access.   They shot 35-40 loads without a single clog.  If you plan to use the toughest materials the HARV and HARV-E is a tough machine for the toughest jobs.

Turbo Turf HM-500-HARV-P pull type hydroseeder
Spraying the wall using a manlift and a Turbo Turf HM-500-HARV-E

A Turbo Turf HM-500-HARV-E spraying Flexterra on the wall and using a Genie 80′ manlift to put the operator in position.

Wall hydroseeding project in NC using Flexterra

Here is the wall once the Flexterra has been sprayed.

The finished Wall Project in North Carolina

Here is a section of the wall 4 weeks after seeding

This is a view of the entire hydroseeding project

Here is an Arial view of the complete project.