Turbo Tack Hydro Seeding Tackifier

This Nutriculture Seed Starter fertilizer 16-45-7 formulation is ideal for hydroseeding applications.  The formulation is 100% water soluble and once in solution needs no agitation.  This formulation is non corrosive and non abrasive.  It will not cause damage or wear to the pump of a hydro seeding system.

Using this special formulation produces similar results to those achieved by pre-germination of seeds.  It will increase germination of seedlings by a minimum of 10% and as much as 40%.

This special hydroseeding blend has a formulation of 16-45-7.   The 16% total nitrogen is mostly in ammoniacal form that will convert to nitrate about the time the plant is mature enough to utilize it.  It will then provide nourishment to help get the new seedling established.  The 30% Phosphorus will help promote fast germination and a healthy root system.  The Potash at 16% will stiffen and toughen the seedling enabling it  to grow strong with greater resistance to stress.  This special seeding blend also contains essential nutrients such as boron copper, iron manganese, molybdenum, and  zinc.


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One 25 pound bag of Plant Marvel Fertilizer.

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