HS-150-P hydroseeder at a golf course



The introduction of the Turbo Turf HS-50, HS-100, and HS-150 added a new dimension the the turf management program for quality conscious golf courses.   Now a small unit is available to make quick repairs to cart damage, to redo a tee or bunker,  or to have a unit on hand for smaller construction projects.  No there is no need to rely on someone else to do your hydro seeding.

Having a small unit in your equipment arsenal means you can seed when you want without being dependent on someone else,  You can control what seeds and materials are used and save money as well.  Golf courses who own one of our small units tell us they find all kinds of use for their unit besides seeding such as watering remote areas and more.  Many owners tell us it was one of the best purchases they ever made.

One example of how convenient this can be is several years ago the Congressional Country club wanted to re-do 18 bunkers in getting their beautiful course ready for the US Open.  Their purchase of an HS-50-P allowed them to have full control of when and how their seeding was done for the small investment of $ 1495.00.  Some golf course construction companies have kept a small unit handy to reach areas they could not get to with a bigger unit.

At Lake of the Woods in Fredricksburg VA, Don says he is amazed how handy his HS-100-P is.  They are always out doing small jobs with it, and when it is not seeding they are always finding uses for it such as watering their flowers.

Richter Park did two acres along the wood line with their Turbo Turf. Tom says they have also had great results seeding wildflowers with their little unit.

Using a 150 Gallon Turbo Turf Hydroseeder for golf course constructionTurbo Turf's 100 gallon pull type hydroseeder working in Floridia
Hydroseeding a 17 acre golf course expansion project


Turbo Turf manufactures hydroseeding equipment in both jet and paddle agitated types.  We build machines up to 1000 gallons that can quickly complete bigger jobs.   If you are contemplating a major construction project there are a number of advantages to having your own hydroseeder rather than subbing out that part of the project.

One major advantage is cost.  The odds are you can save enough money to more than pay for the machine.  Doing the project yourself can cost one third of what hiring someone to seed your project would run.  We have even time when a new golf course was being built where they bought two units and one could be filling and mixing while the other is spraying.   Doing it this way with two 1000 gallon machines they were able to seed 10-15 acres per day.

One more important advantage of owning your own machine to complete a major construction project is that you can do the seeding as the ground is prepped.  You don’t need to wait until if fits into someone else’s  schedule and you don’t have to risk rains damaging the prepared surface while you are waiting unit your hydroseeding contractor gets around to seeding your project.  Using your own people seeding as you have the ground prepared can allow you to use a smaller less expensive machine.  We have had golf courses that were constructed using a 300 or 500 gallon unit and those are relatively inexpensive.