Turbo Turf HM-1000-T hydroseeder right side view

The new Turbo Turf HM-1000-T is a high performance hydroseeder that will play with the toughest materials and make the hardest job a snap. The aggressive paddle agitation allows you to load full bales of hydro seeding mulch without the need to break them up. The positive displacement Bowie gear pump allows you to spray thick slurries of any hydro seeding or erosion control mulch through up to 500 feet of hose.

Never worry about rust again. Turbo Turf’s poly tank can never rust and comes with a 20 year pro rated warranty. While others scrape, sand and recoat the metal tank on their hydroseeder you can be doing more productive things. The HM-1000-T is designed so that the rugged poly tank serves only as a carrier for the slurry. All moving parts are supported by heavy structural steel which has no contact with the fluids. Turbo Turf’s mixing system is made to last and to have the lowest maintenance requirements of any unit on the market.

The Turbo Turf HM-1000-T is the best value in the industry with standard features like the front loading and spraying platform, the ability to draw water from a pond or stream (suction hose not included).  These standard features add thousands of dollars to other hydroseeders. The Turbo Turf HM-1000-T features the best performance and best value in the industry.

Many in the industry saw the concept of a paddle (mechanically agitated) hydro seeding system using a “PLASTIC” tank as having great potential.  Early attempts by others involved hanging a bearing on the plastic tank and this approach did not work well.  Turbo Turf took a whole new approach.  The bearings and agitator shaft are supported completely by heavy structural steel supports and the tank is used for nothing but holding the material.  There is no stress whatsoever on the tank and the entire mixing system would run without the tank even being present.   This system has now been on the market for several years without a single failure.  The system is so reliable that Turbo Turf has introduced a 20 year pro rated tank warranty on mechanical units such as the HM-1000-T.

The HM-1000-T will seed 13000 square feet per load. It is equipped with an 25 H. P. Kohler Magnum electric start engine (24 H.P. Honda optional)  that also drives the 2″ Bowie Positive Displacement Gear Pump  The platform and tower gun are standard equipment.   Standard equipment includes 100′ of 1 1/2″ I.D. hose with free flow couplings mounted on hose holders on the side of the tank.  Electric or manual rewind hose reels are available as an option It also includes 3 nozzles (1 wide, 1 medium and one straight nozzle) for the hose and one for the platform gun.

The HM-1000-T has an  empty weight of 2200 pounds. the loaded weight is 10,200 pounds. the physical dimensions are 88″W x 150″L x 90″H. The size of the skid frame  is 61″W x 150″L.   It will seed an area of 13,000 sq. ft. per load.    Maximum materials are 400 pounds of 100% wood mulch, 450 pounds of paper (cellulose) mulch or 600 pounds of pelletized mulch.   Time to spray a load from the tower is about 14 minutes with a spray distance of up to 100′   Time to spray a load with the hose is about 25 minutes.   Any seed may be used and any fertilizer including granular, water soluble or liquid.


Tank Capacity 1000 Gallons
Engine 23.5 H.P. Kohler Command Pro
Pump 2300 series Bowie positive displacement gear pump
Skid Size 61″ x 160″
Overall size 88″ x 166″ x 90″
Coverage (sq. ft) 13,000 sq. ft.
Empty Weight 2200 pounds
Loaded Weight 10,200 pounds
Coverage (sq. ft) 13,000 sq. ft.
Front Platform & gun Standard
Usable materials Paper or wood mulches, BFM’s, FGM’s such as Flexterra, Biotic Earth
Standard Hose 100 feet of 1 1/2″ hose

Watch our video on our mechanically agitated hydroseeders.

HM-1000-T  Skid Type


$ $24,99500
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HM-1000-T-P  W/ TRAILER 


$$ 33,99500
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