Turbo Tack Hydro Seeding Tackifier

PREMIUM PAPER 100 is manufactured without adding water in the process. In fact, our manufacturing process reduces moisture content to a staggering 7% by weight, which means there is 200 lbs more mulch fiber in every ton, or 10% more mulch for the money compared to most other national brands. Premium Paper 100 provides you the lowest cost!

High moisture mulches have a high risk of mold growth, which can dramatically lower germination rates and cause many other problems. Premium Paper 100 has an incredibly low moisture content, which naturally inhibits mold growth that can cause hard chunks that clog pumps, hoses and nozzles, plus our superb quality control process virtually eliminates all other debris clogging materials.

Our premium cellulose fibers increase your productivity and profits because our mulch mixes quickly reducing tank loading time.

On the ground Premium Paper 100 produces a true mulch blanket that helps to prevent soil erosion and provides an optimal environment for seed germination.

Premium Paper 100 is packaged in our exclusive 33 lb. bale. It can be used in any brand of hydroseeding equipment because the mulch breaks up easily and wets quickly, speeding up your loading time and increasing your productivity. The full size fibers provide better coverage and better results than any pourable or pelletized mulch product on the market today.

The 33 lb easy to handle bales, reduce the risk of injury and workman’s compensation claims. Less compression in the bales allow the fibers to fully expand in your slurry, providing better coverage. There is a green dye pack included in every bale.

This hydro seeding mulch is manufactured from recycled cellulose fiber and is completely free of factors which inhibit germination  and growth.  The mulch and it’s dye are both biodegradable and are not toxic to plant or animal life in normal use.

  • Easy to add to a jet hydroseeder

  • Organic Matter 98.6%

  • Great color for beautiful jobs

  • Moisture Content 7% +/- 1%

  • pH range 6% +/- 1%

  • Water Absorption capacity 9 x weight

  • Green dye is safe for pets, humans and the environment.

Hydro Seeding Job
Lawn that was hydro seeded

Each 30 pound bale of EasyMulch

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The online shopping cart is not set to automatically add the freight charges.  Mulch is generally shipped motor freight.  We search to find the cheapest shipping possible and can notify you of the shipping charges before processing the order and will not ship or charge your card without your approval.   If you would like a freight quote on mulch use the contact form to request a quote.  Please be sure to let us know the amount of mulch you plan to order, the delivery address and if it is a residence or a business with a fork lift.  If you have no forklift to unload this can be shipped on a truck with a lift gate to ease unloading.

For any orders picked up at our facility a pallet is then 55 bales at a higher price.  Mulch comes in in a high cube truck and we must remove one row of mulch from a pallet to ship motor freight.  We can however ship any quantity of mulch but usually the more you order the cheaper the freight.  If you need a large quantity of mulch we can ship truckloads or half truckloads of mulch at a discounted price.  Contact us for details.

One Pallet (32 bales) of Paper Mulch

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