Hydro Seeding Mulch

100% Paper

Nature's Own, jet mix, hydroseeding mulch

40 pound bales of high quality paper mulch.  This is a great mulch for jet or paddle units.  It is loosely packed and easy to add to your hydroseeder.

$ 21.95 per bale

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Hydro Seeding Mulch

50% Paper – 50% wood

40 pound bales of high quality 50-50 wood/paper blend hydroseeding mulch .  This is a great mulch for paddle hydroseeders  and can be run with care in larger jet units.


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Hydro Seeding Mulch

Easy to load pourable mulch 

Pourable HydroSeeding Mulch

40 pound bags of easy to load pourable mulch.  This is a great mulch for small hydro seeders but works great with any hydroseeder.

$ 25.95 per bag Sold Out

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Turbo Tack

Hydroseeding tackifer

3 pound jug of Turbo Tack, a high quality PAM tackifier that is will cover one acre of ground per jug.  Easy to use and easy to store.

$ 49.95 per jug

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Witches Brew Tackifier

A super tack for tough jobs

Witches Brew Super Tack

Witches Brew Super Tack for those tough jobs.  A blend of tacking agents that lubricates the machines and provides extra holding power.

$ 69.95 per 10 pound pail

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Turbo Crystals

Hydro seeding dye crystals 

Turbo Turf's Dye Packs can improve the color of hydroseeding mulch

Brighten the color of poorly dyed mulch or make your jobs stand out with extra color.  Great for tacking straw too.  24 dye packs in a pail.

$ 49.95 per pail

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Cut watering requirements by 50% 

Cut your water requirements by 50%.  TurboSorb will absorb up to 400 times its weight in water and slowly release the water as needed..

$ 47.95 per pail

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Plant Marvel Seed Starter

The best fertilizer we have found

25 pound bag of 16-45-7 water soluble fertilizer.   Apply at 1-2 pounds per 1000 sq. ft.  This is a high phosphorus fertilizer for healthy roots.

$ 59.95 per bag

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Turbo Start

Bio-stimulant to give your jobs a head start

Turbo Charge bi-stimulant for hydro seeding

Turbo Start is a bio-stimulant to help speed germination and promote rapid growth.  One 32 oz jug covers 2 acres.

$ 39.95 for a 32 oz jug

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Hydro Seeding Nozzles

A full range of hydro seeding nozzles

hydroseeding nozzles

We have a full range of hydro seeding nozzles ranging from 1/2″ to 2″.   There are nozzles for a hydroseeder gun or tower gun

Check our nozzle page for prices

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