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Turbo Tack Hydro Seeding Tackifier


LOCKING FIBERS consist of tens of thousands of individual strands of polyester that are crimped to allow them to individually lock together within the mulch matrix.  Studies indicate that locking fibers increase the surface tension of all types of mulches, wood, paper, mix and pourable mulches.  They also have been shown to significantly increase the longevity of the mulch matrix.

When used with tackifier, these crimped polyester fibers bond the fibers of mulch and tackifier into a matrix producing a virtual spray on erosion control blanket. Locking fibers are photo degradable and will disappear in about 6 months.   Apply at 10 pounds to the acre,

Locking Fibers for hydro seeding


The online shopping cart is not set to automatically add the freight charges.   We get so many combination orders that there is no way to set the freight charges without costing our customers extra.  We always try to save our customers money and ship the cheapest way.

Typical shipping charges for one box of locking fibers are $ 16.00 to $ 24.00 depending on distance if shipped to a business.   Shipments to a residence can be higher

One 10 pound box of locking fibers. Will cover 1 acre

$5995plus shipping
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