Turbo Turf HS-500-XPW hydroseeder
  • Seed 6,600 sq. ft. per load

  • Mix in minutes, spray a load in 20 minutes

  • Bale Buster speeds up loading

  • More pressure control for great trimming.

  • Bigger more powerful jets than other units

  • Clean up in minutes at the end of the day.

  • Few moving parts and low maintenance.

  • Easy to run.  Learn how in minutes.

The HS-500-XPW, is a 500 Gallon, skid type hydroseeder that will seed 6600 square feet per load. It is equipped with an 19 H. P. Kohler Command Pro  engine that is directly coupled to a 4″ X 4″, 611 G. P. M. high volume centrifugal pump. The unit comes with 100′ of 1 1/4″ discharge hose, gun and 3 nozzles ( 1 wide hydro seeding nozzle, 1 medium  nozzle and one straight nozzle). The Jet “Bale Buster” is standard on this unit.  The empty weight of the unit is 950 pounds. the loaded weight is 4950 pounds. the physical dimensions are 69″W x 100″L x 62″H. The size of the skid frame on this unit is 45″W x 94″L. This unit can be mounted on the back of a truck with sufficient load capacity or it can also be easily operated from a trailer.

The HS-500-XPW is ideal for a landscaper doing residential and commercial seeding with average jobs of more than 6,000 square feet. On large jobs up to 2 acres can be seeded per day with a good water source. It is capable of handling much smaller jobs and you can easily mix partial loads.  Material is applied at approximately 50 G.P.M. Time to spray a complete tank is about 15 minutes. Mixing time is 1-20 minutes depending on material. This unit comes with 100′ of discharge hose. It will easily handle an extra 100′ of hose. The spray distance with the straight nozzle is approximately 55′. The spray distance with an Area/Volume kit (2″ cannon) is 80′.

The HS-500-XPW features a 4″ X 4″  640 gallon per minute pump, 63 P.S.I. pump.  The 2″ I.D. jets equipped with a quick coupler for easy service in the unlikely event of a problem, a quick disconnect for the discharge hose, and a bale tray for easy loading.

Typically materials used in one load would be 3 to 5 bales of hydro seeding mulch, the appropriate amount of seed for 6,600 sq. ft. (any seed will work in hydro seeding), and the appropriate fertilizer for 6,600 square feet (liquid, water soluble, or granular)

Like all TURBO TURF systems the HS-500-XPW, comes equipped with a long life poly tank that can never rust, the ability to mix partial loads, a simple but powerful design with few moving parts, continuous agitation, and the ability to control the flow at the gun without making adjustments at the unit. Prices quoted are a complete machine ready to operate. Trailers shown in the photo’s are optional.

Turbo Turf’s Hydro Seeding Systems have larger jets than most competitive units allowing them to will mix faster.  Operators have full control of the flow which allows quicker mixing, more control when trimming and greater reach on hillsides.

This unit used a MIG-40 centrifugal pump with 630 gallons a minute of flow and 63 P.S.I. of pressure.  This pump was designed specifically for hydro seeding.  The housing material is cast and it is very low maintenance.   There are no grease fittings and the only maintenance required is to winterize if at the end of the season if it is stored where temperatures go below freezing.  The pump impeller mounds on the end of the engine shaft so there is no power loss.   Typically it can operate for 5 to 10 years with no maintenance.  The only thing to be careful of is to not run it dry.

This unit comes with a 19 H.P. Kohler Command Pro engine.  This has proved to be a very reliable engine with a long life.  The engine has a two year warranty and service for the engine is available at any authorized Kohler engine dealer.  This unit is provided with a 6.5 gallon removable gas tank with a quick coupler.  Should you run out of gas on a job you can remove the gas tank quickly and don’t need to take the whole machine to a service station for gas.

This unit comes standard with 100 ft of 1 1/4″ I. D. hose.   The hose we use is both strong and light weight.  It is made from a poly material with a spiral reinforcement.   Additional hose is available in 50 feet or 100 feet sections.  The unit will handle up to 200 feet of hose.

This unit comes equipped with a bale buster to speed loading.  The bale buster allows you to add mulch in larger chunks and will quickly break them up.  Dry mulch floats on top of the water.  The bale buster takes the full flow of the pump and blows it across the top of the water picking up those chunks of mulch and smashing them against the back of the tank.  Users can add mulch in chunks any size that will fit through the 16″ opening.

The HS-500-P is permanently attached to a DOT approved double axle trailer with brakes on both axles, DOT lighting, a breakaway, safety chains and an on-board test box for the breakaway battery.  The trailer has a GVW of 7000 pounds and is 14’8″ long an 84″ wide.   It is available with either a 2 5/16″ ball hitch or a pintle hitch.


Tank Capacity 500 Gallons
Engine 19 H.P. Kohler Command Pro
Pump 4″x 4″ centrifugal with 640 GPM and 63 P.S.I
Skid Size 45″ x 94″
Overall size 69″ x 100″ x 62″
Coverage (sq. ft) 6,600 sq. ft.
Empty Weight 950 pounds
Loaded Weight 4950 pounds
Standard Hose 100 feet


Watch our Guide to operating a Turbo Turf Hydro Seeding System to see how easy it really is to operate our units.

Turbo Turf HS-500-XPW

$ 11,89500
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HS-500-XPW-P w/Trailer

$ $17,89500
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Turbo Turf Hydroseeders come with 100 feet of hose and three nozzles.  Everything you need to put it to work.  If you would like to check what options are available or need extra hose visit our options page


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