Turbo Tack Hydro Seeding Tackifier

Turbo Turf’s “Turbo Tack” high performance  tackifier is an erosion control product.  By modifying the soil structure, soil particles are tied together, water penetration is increased, water runoff is reduced and soil loss,  due to water erosion, is substantially reduced.

Turbo Tack reduces or eliminates clogs in the machine.  It causes the mulch slurry to become very slippery, helping mulch flow more easily through the machine.  Turbo Tack aids in germination.  It may be possible to use less seed due to a higher rate of seed germination.

Turbo Tack helps reduce call backs and re-do’s, resulting in lower overall operating costs.  The product is highly concentrated and economical to use.  It is environmentally safe, EPA exempt and will totally biodegrade in 3 to 6 months.

Turbo Tack comes packed in 3 pound jugs.  A three pound jug of Turbo Tack will cover about one acre at a two to one slope.  3 pounds of Turbo Tack will provide the same coverage as 32 pounds of guar based tackifer.  Partially used bags of guar based tackifer are pronte to weather damage and can easily be spilled.  The convenient jugs are easier to use, and can easily be resealed to eliminate most weather damage.  Turbo Tack is 6 to 8 times more slippery than guar based tackifiers.

One 3 pound jug of Turbo Tack (will cover one acre)

$4995Plus shipping
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The online shopping cart is not set to automatically add the freight charges.   We get so many combination orders that there is no way to set the freight charges without costing our customers extra.  We always try to save our customers money and ship the cheapest way.

Typical shipping charges for one jug of tackifer are $ 12.00 to $ 18.00 depending on distance if shipped to a business.   Shipments to a residence can be higher

Typical freight charges for a case of tackifer is about $ 18.00 to $ 25.00 depending on distance if shipped to a business.   Shipments to a residence can be higher

One case (4 jugs) of Turbo Tack. Will cover 4 acres

$18995plus shipping
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