Turbo Tack Hydro Seeding Tackifier

Co-Polymer Gel is a great product to add to the mix when hydro seeding.  It is a super absorbent that increases the amount of available moisture in the root zone of a newly hydroseeded lawn.  Co-Polymer gel granules absorb up to 400 times their weight in water.  As the soil dries, moisture is slowly released from the gel granules improving growth and reducing demand for supplemental watering.  As additional moisture becomes available gel granules re-absorb thus continuing the cycle time after time.  When used as directed, co-polymer gel provides the hydroseeding contractor with a proven water management tool that can reduce call backs and help insure success of your hydroseeding jobs.  Co-Polymer Gel is supplied in a 10 pound pail.  The usual application rate for hydro seeding is 10 pounds to the acre.

  • Cut watering requirements by 50%

  • Holds 400 times its weight in water

  • Apply at 10 pounds per acre

  • May be used with trees and plants too

  • Can be used in any hydroseeder

  • Environmentally friendly

TurboSorb CoPolymer Gel


The online shopping cart is not set to automatically add the freight charges.   We get so many combination orders that there is no way to set the freight charges without costing our customers extra.  We always try to save our customers money and ship the cheapest way.

Shipping charges for one pail of TurboSorb are typically $ 13.00 to $ 18.00 depending on distance if shipped to a business.   Shipments to a residence can be higher

One 10 pound pail of TurboSorb. Will cover 1 acre

$4795plus shipping
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